Improving the Google Snippet for "Do fish feel pain?"

In order for people to think that hurting fish is unethical it is important for them to know that fish feel pain. 

A significant source of information for people is Google and their current snippet answer to "Do fish feel pain" is counterproductive to the aim of convincing people that fish do feel pain.

How can we improve Google's snippet answer to the question do fish feel pain?

Option 1) Create and popularize useful and authoritative content that answers the question "do fish feel pain" more effectively. While this can be difficult to do, the process of doing so is fairly simple, and is a much more robust and effective method for handling counterproductive search results.

Option 2) Submit feedback to google. Under the snippet select "Feedback"

The feedback I submitted was 
You are answering a different question. The question was "do fish feel pain", not "do fish feel pain the way humans do". There is a more appropriate answer a bit dow…

I was thinking about your question

I was thinking about your question and I don’t have the best answer, but let me try.
Let’s assume you do in fact not know anything that can not be more effectively conveyed by someone else. 
Under this assumption, you sit and doubtfully wonder, if there are better sources for knowledge than you, is there value in sharing what you know with other people who are trying to help animals?
My friend, I understand this doubt, I’ve felt it myself.  But I think I need to call you out. While some level of doubt is healthy, this particular one is a bit silly. 
To demonstrate this, let’s ad some absurdum up in here. 
A son asks his father, “where do babies come from?”, the father wouldn’t answer, “you know son, I’m not the best source for that knowledge, I think it would be best you ask an obstetrician”.

You’ve always been so humble and it’s an attribute I admire but I think it’s important to remember, humility is not thinking less of yourself,  it is thinking of yourself less. Your doubt that s…

Assume we need more lawyers helping animals

Let’s assume you think the world needs more lawyers helping animals.

What are your options to make this happen?

You can become a lawyer and help animals.
You can go to go through the schooling and training required to become a lawyer. This will cost you ~8 years and ~$100,000 and at the end of the process you’ll have 1 lawyer with the potential to help animals with their new skills and degree.You can convince existing and upcoming lawyers to help animals
Hand out 10,000 leaflets at the 4 closest law schools to you or at a law conference. This will cost you ~$1,000 and ~50 hours. At the end of the process you’ll probably have convinced ~100 people to go vegan, and ~2 will contribute to help animals.  
If your goal is to get more lawyers helping animals then it is most certainty quicker and cheaper to convince existing lawyers to help animals than it is to become one yourself. 
But what if you’re particularly well suited to be a lawyer? This is very possible and I’m not saying you aren’t…

Letter to a friend

Hey there,

I was thinking about our conversation last night and I want to call you out on something. This might be a bit awkward, but I think it’s important to say.

Your doubt that you won’t be able to change the world is stupid. It’s an f’d up insecurity and I don’t share it. I understand why you have the doubt, I’ve felt and feel it about myself, but I don’t doubt you and I never will.

I’ve known you for a while now, and your clear ambition to change the world and your willingness to put in the work are the only clues I need to bet on you.

Your doubt serves no purpose. I’ve seen it hold you back and as your friend, and someone who desperately wants the world to change, I want you to acknowledge that its f’ed up and gets in the way of you saving animals.

 Ronald McDonald might want you to be down and doubtful, but that guy’s an asshole and if he wants that, it probably means its bad for you, the world, and animals.

I want to bet on you. I’m eager to find ways to help you because I hav…

Finding dragonflies with my favorite entomologist

My happiness coach

This is my happiness coach. She understands joy more than anyone I've ever met. She's taught me so much with so few words.

Asking Voice Assistants "How to Go Vegan" - A missed opportunity

Asking OK Google How to Go Vegan currently returns less than great results. This is a missed opportunity. What do you think the ideal response would be?

PS- If you know anyone who might be interested in collaborating on improving voice search results related to veganism and helping animals let me know.